1 Red Pepper 

1 Red Onion 

1 Broccoli Crown 

1 Jalapeño 

1 bundle of Asparagus 

3 or so Garlic Cloves 

1 box Organic Pasta

1 jar Pasta Sauce

Olive Oil


Himalayan Sea Salt 

Dried Garlic

Black Pepper

Dried Parsley

Chilli Powder


1) Preheat Oven to 425°, then begin boiling water for the pasta, add sea salt and olive oil to the water. 

2) Cut the ends of the asparagus (not the tops) and then spread them on a baking pan that is covered with parchment paper.  Next pour some olive oil over them so they are all evenly covered.  Then add some Himalayan Sea Salt, black pepper, and dried garlic.  Once the oven is finished preheating bake for 15 minutes. 

3) The water should be boiling, add your pasta and time them according to the directions on the box. 

4) Next chop your vegetables, the onion, red pepper, jalapeño, broccoli and fresh garlic and add them to a pan that is lightly coated in olive oil.  Turn the heat on medium then season your vegetables with Himalayan Sea Salt, black pepper, chilli powder, and dried garlic.  Allow them to cook on medium heat for 10 or so minutes or until the broccoli has gotten softer but not falling apart. 

5) Once the vegetables are done cooking add your pasta sauce and turn the heat on low. 

6) Once the pasta is cooked strain the extra water out and put them into a bowl and combine the vegetable and sauce. 

7) Serve up the pasta with the asparagus on the side! 

You don't have to sacrifice nutrition,  health, money for fast food with a meal like this. It takes 30 minutes tops before you can have the family fed and move onto taking care of the rest of the days responsibilities.