Organic Dandelion Tea

Purified Water


Raw Honey

Ceylon Cinnamon


Heat up about 1 ½ cups worth of purified water (never tap) and wait 5 minutes until the water is hot enough, making sure not to boil the water.


1. Add the Dandelion tea to your favorite tea cup or mug and pour in the hot water.

2. Follow the directions to steep according to the brand’s instructions.

3. After the time is up, add in 2 tbsp. Raw Honey, 1/8-1/4thtsp. turmeric and 1/8th Ceylon cinnamon. Mix well together to dissolve honey and combine the turmeric.

4. Enjoy this recipe for a healing and liver detoxifying tea!


1) Dandelion has been known to be a “liver tonic” in traditional medicine.  Dandelion detoxifies the liver by increasing the flow of bio, which are enzymes that help break down fats into fatty acids, and help filter and detoxify the blood.  The liver is an amazing multi-purpose organ that is harshly abused in modern society.  Fortunately, Mother Nature cures.  The vitamins and nutrients found in dandelions can help cleanse the liver and keep them functioning properly. Dandelions aid our digestive system by improving and maintaining a proper bile flow. Dandelion tea is rich in vitamin C, which helps in vitamin absorption, reducing inflammation and boosts metabolism, preventing disease.

2) Turmeric: Read more about the amazing Turmeric here:

3) Raw Honey Info: