1 Pineapple

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1/2 cup of frozen mangoes

1/4 cup of frozen blueberries

1 large spoonful of honeycomb

Warm water


Take your frozen fruits from the freezer and let them thaw out a bit, I think it helps with the taste.


1. Cut 1 fresh pineapple into small chunks. 

2. Add your frozen strawberries, mango, and blueberries into the blender. 

3. Next add the cut up pineapple and a large spoonful of honeycomb. 

4. I like to add warm/hot water depending on how frozen the fruits still are, I don't really like my smoothies cold but choose a temperature that suits your preference. 

5. Blend your smoothie until there are no more fruit chunks.  Pour into a bowl and add your favorite toppings.  My favorites have been chia seeds, coconut chips, and a honey-coconut granola. 


I never used to use frozen fruits in my smoothies because I really dislike the cold, lately though I've found I can save a bit of money by purchasing large bags of mixed fruits.  To combat the cold temperatures I've been adding one fresh fruit and using hot water instead of just room temperature.  Fresh fruit is always the best but this comes close!  The important thing is to eat healthy and live within your means.  With the winter season fruit tends to be a little more costly where I live but in the summer fresh fruit is abundant and much more affordable.  So here's to eating good and not breaking your bank!