1) Raw Cacao Powder

2) Raw Honey (beesnatural247)

3) Maple Syrup

4) Cinnamon


Prepare some pancakes, fruit, or cookies to serve alongside the cacao honey drip recipe.  We recommend organic plant based pancakes.


1) Add ¼ cup raw orange blossom honey or honey of choice into a small glass bowl.  Make sure that the honey you’re using is runny and not creamy.  If your honey is creamer I suggest adding a little splash of hot water and mixing until the honey is runnier and has a drizzle affect.

2) Next, add 2 tbsp. raw cacao powder. Mix well by pressing against the glass with the spoon breaking apart any lumps making sure no lumps are left. Ideally the cacao would be finely sifted, so just powder falls into the bowl but I didn’t have one and I wanted to show that isn’t needed to make this work.

3) Add 1 tbsp. maple syrup to be able to make the drip more liquidity and be able to store the drip in the fridge for later use.

4) Lastly, drizzle over a stack of First Nations Sweets Pancakes (linked), or over fruit and injoy.