1 Pineapple 

1 Pear

2 Oranges

Chia Seeds

Coconut Chips

Honey Coconut Granola

Raw Honey


1. Cut your Pineapple in half.  Take out the fruit and add it to your blender, leaving you with a Pineapple bowl to put your smoothie in.

2. Cut up your Pear small enough that it will blend well in your machine.

3. Peel both of your Oranges and put them in your blender.

4. Next add a spoonful of Honey and turn your blender on, blend until you have a smooth consistency.

5. Pour your smoothie into your Pineapple bowl.

6. Add coconut chips, chia seeds, and your granola to the top.  Feel free to add any other toppings!