• Red Oak Leaf /Green Leaf Lettuce or Romaine
  • Distilled water

(picture is Red Oak Leaf and water only)


  • Cut 1/2 head of the lettuce and place in the blender
  • Pour 30 oz of water and blend until it becomes a juice
  • Serve and injoy!


2 Large Mason Jars


I saw Ninesun Amaru Bey post this recipe on Twitter and decided to try this one out that same night.  Has been a favorite of mine ever since.  A really high vibrational smoothie/juice.  The taste is not what you'd imagine.  Tastes like pure water and gets you vibrating head to toe within seconds.  Here are some benefits to the smoothie.

The minerals in any lettuce help remove harmful toxins and keep you alkaline/acidic balanced.  Once you become balanced you have higher energy, clearer thoughts, deep sleep and even look years younger.  The reason lettuce is great for aiding insomnia is because of the white fluid you get from breaking lettuce leaves called lactucarium.  It has relaxing and sleepy type symptoms.  Perfect reward after a hard days work!  Not to mention its a complete protein, heart healthy, and with zero to few calories.

Red Oak Leaf is high in antioxidants and rich in flavonoids; flavonoids have been shown to protect veins from rupture or leakage, boosting the healing powers of vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid), protecting the body against excessive inflammation, reducing the risk of frequent colds and infections (making them a crucial part of flu prevention diets) reducing the risk of chronic disease (at least when consumed in the form of food rather than as supplements).