• Organic spinach
  • Fresh organic blueberries
  • Organic banana
  • Organic frozen mango
  • Organic frozen strawberry
  • Chia seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Raw honey
  • Orange juice


  1. Add 2-3 large handfuls of spinach to the bottom of your blender.  Next, add 1-½ tbsp. chia seeds, 1/8th tsp. cinnamon, 4 tbsp. raw honey, 1-½ cup blueberries and 1 peeled banana.  We like adding the softest ingredients to the bottom of the blender adding less stress to the blades.
  2. Next, add in 2 cups frozen mango, and along with 4 strawberries. Lastly, add 4 cups orange juice and blend until completely smooth.
  3. Serve and enjoy for you and yours!


  • 2 large mason jars or 4 regular 8 oz. cups.


  • Blueberries are one of the highest antioxidant fruits of all time.  Rich in flavonoids, which protect against free radicals, are extremely important in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Blueberries being high in antioxidants help protect our DNA helping fight off free radicals that are responsible for aging and disease.  Blueberries also help protect cholesterol level in the blood stream by strongly reducing levels of oxidized LDL.  Oxidized LDL is a crucial step in the heart disease process.  Blueberries may also help lower blood pressure, recent studies show, that a group of obese people ate 50 grams of blueberries a day for 8 weeks and showed a 4-6% reduction in blood pressure. Indications of high blood pressure being a leading driver of heart attacks and strokes, the implications of this research are massive.  Blueberries are also great for improving brain function and memory by the antioxidants in blueberries accumulating in parts of the brain that which are essential for intelligence.  Blueberries may also have anti-diabetic affects by having beneficial affects on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.
  • Oranges are my favorite citrus fruits.  They’re full of vitamins and minerals that are made to keep you young and healthy.  Oranges prevent various forms of cancer including liver (studies point to vitamin A), skin, lung, breast, colon, and stomach.  Oranges are rich in vitamin C protecting cells and preventing free radical formation, and which prevents much dis-ease like cancer.  Being full in water, potassium, and fiber oranges are great for a healthy heart and lowering cholesterol.  Regular intake of orange juice can prevent kidney dis-eases and reduce kidney stones.  Oranges are good for lowering cholesterol because they’re full of soluble fiber making them easy to digest and lower cholesterol.  Oranges are good for your heart because they’re rich in potassium, which is an essential electrolyte mineral for helping the heart function and work properly.  If you developed an irregular heart rhythm it may be that your potassium levels are too low which is known as arrhythmia.  Oranges are also great for your skin because of the beta-carotene found in oranges that protect cells from being damaged and free radicals from forming causing aging.  Finally, oranges relieve constipation, alkalize the body (after digested), and are easy carbs.
  • Raw Honey: