Hot water




Raw Orange Blossom Honey


Warm up enough water for a teacup or mug.  Make sure not to over boil the water because the water could burn, go figure.

Add 1 tsp. or less of turmeric depending on tolerance level, ¼ tsp. cayenne, ¼ tsp. cinnamon, and 3-4 tbsp. raw honey (adjust the spices according to tolerance).

Mix well together, sip, relax, and in-joy!


Turmeric is an incredible spice that has multiple health benefits, enough to be using daily! Turmeric has powerful compounds with medicinal properties, and curcuminoids being one of the most important ones.  Curcuminoids is the main active ingredient in Turmeric, although only very little is absorbed by the blood, pepper is known to boost circuminoids absorption by 2000%!  Turmeric is very anti-inflammatory helping the body fight off invaders and repairing damage done by free radicals.  Turmeric is especially good for chronic inflammation, which potentially is the worst relating to heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and Alzheimer’s. Turmeric is a rich spice that attains to many health problems we face in society today, so stop wasting time and include turmeric in your life daily.