1 Organic sweet potato

Organic stoneground whole wheat

Flax meal

Pink Himalayan salt (optional)


Boil sweet potato until soft and mushy | Smash sweet potato into smash

Let’s make a flax gel out of 2 tbsp. of flax meal and 3 1/2 tbsp. of water.  Place in fridge for 10 min to gel up


Strain 4 cups of whole-wheat flour into a big mixing bowl.  Next, add the smashed sweet potato, flax gel, and a pinch of salt.  Mix together with spoon or hand until dough starts forming (add as many flour as needed, have fun).

After add flour to a plate and toss roti’s in flour, coating both sides of the dough.

Next, transfer dough to a flat surface, forming a rectangular log shape to cut into even roti portions.  See pictures for examples.  Flatten out each portion size at a time with a wooden pin evenly as possible.

Have a pre-heated skillet or large pan and lower to medium heat, when transferring flattened roti.  20-25 seconds on each side and lightly press on air bubbles to expand the air evenly inside.


8-9 roti’s

In-joy these with you and yours, 13Love.


Inspiration for this video came from a youtube video and can be found here: