Young Thai coconut

Organic cucumber

Organic tomato

Fresh cilantro

Organic lemon

Pink Himalayan salt

Black pepper


Wash, peel, and cut 2 cucumbers into small squares.

Wash and cut 2 tomatoes into small squares.

Cut open 2 coconuts and scrape the coconut meat from the insides.  Cut the coconut meat into small chunks.

Cut a handful of fresh cilantro.


Now to assemble!  Add the 2 cut up cucumber chunks to a medium size bowl.  Next, add the coconut chunks, tomatoes, cilantro, and ¼ tsp. salt + pepper.  Grab a big spoon to give everything a good mix!

Individually serve and add lemon to preserve the rest of the fresh fruits and vegetables from spoiling in the acid from the lemon.

All done!  You can simply add more veggies like onion, or scallions and make this recipe yours! 


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