4 heads of organic kale

2 heads of organic red kale

Organic white jasmine rice

Organic black beans

3 Asparagus bunches

Organic tomatoes

Golden onion

Organic lemon

Purple cabbage



Wash and boil the black beans before as they take the longest.

Wash kales, asparagus, tomatoes, and cabbage before hand.


2 pans, 1 large bowl


1.  Sopa de aros is fried rice with tomato and onion! Here are the steps:

2.  Add 2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil and 2 cups of jasmine rice to a frying pan on medium-high for 5 minutes. Meanwhile let’s do the sauce.

3.  Add 2 organic tomatoes roughly cut up, ¼ golden onion diced, ½ tsp. pink Himalayan salt or rock sea salt, and a dash of water into a high-speed blender and blend for 30 seconds on high. 

4.  Next, add sauce to a pan and stir lightly around until the water starts to boil and cover with a lid for 15 minutes. Let’s make the stir-fry kale salad!

5.  Roughly rip 4 bunches of kale and 2 bunch of red kale with your hands leaving out the stem or if you prefer the stem leave that in.  The pieces just need to be mouth size and a little even or if not spend time chopping.

6.  Chop ½ red and ½ green bell pepper or less depending on your preference into very thin slices to avoid large pepper flavor.

7.  Cut the cabbage by cutting the root, then in half, and then in thin slices chopping them again into smaller pieces.

8.  Stir fry the bell pepper, adding 1 tbsp. of oil to a pan adding the bell peppers seasoning with light pepper and rock sea salt or Himalayan pink salt for 5 min., next add the chopped kales, adding a dash of lemon around letting the kale steam until slightly wet and cooked.

9.  Let’s stir fry the asparagus, chop the ends of the asparagus and place on a pan, spread out evenly seasoning with black pepper, smoked paprika, rock sea salt, and light lemon all around at first. Move asparagus around until really green and fully cooked. Juice lemon around and a little seasoning after if you desire.

Time to assemble, finally lol.  Get a big enough plate to place all ingredients, start, by the kale and bell pepper, purple cabbage, next the rice (get a small round bowl to form rice ball), beans on top, and the asparagus on the side.  Wala, all done I hope you in-joy this meal that is packed with nutrients, healthy fats, alkaline vegetables, and full of flavor!  13Love


4 servings | Total time: 2 hours including beans


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