1. Gluten free oat flour

2. Gluten free thick rolled oats

3. 2 organic apples

4. 1 ripe bananas

5. Baking powder (aluminum free)

6. Baking soda

7. Cinnamon

8. Raw honey

9. Coconut Oil

10. Ground flax seed and chia seed

11. Coconut sugar or cane sugar

12. Himalayan sea salt


Mixing bowl’s

Measuring spoons


Loaf pan mold


1 tbsp. flax seed or chia seed (I did both) with 4 tbsp. filtered water mix well

together throughout 5 min. checking to thicken the flax or chia seed by frequently

mixing.  Leave for 10 min. to thicken and become like an “egg” replacement in the recipe.

Who says you can’t bake 100% cruelty free?


Start by preheating oven to 350F˚. Follow by getting a large bowl to mix all the

ingredients together. Next, add 1 cup of gluten free oats, 4 cups gluten free oat

flour, 1 ½ tsp. aluminum free baking powder, ½ heaping tsp. baking soda, and 1/4

tsp. Himalayan salt.

Next, peel and cut the two apples into big slices and put them in a high-speed

blender, along with 2 tbsp. of raw honey and cinnamon. Blend until smooth

almost like applesauce. Grab a bowl to smash the banana, make sure the banana is

ripe and smash it with a fork or a potato smasher, and add the cinnamon and 1

tbsp. of coconut sugar or cane sugar and incorporate that well in together with the

banana leaving little lumps left.

Next add all the wet ingredients

Flax “egg” into the mixing bowl, along with 3

tbsp. coconut oil, 1/3 cup almond milk or any non-dairy milk, crushed walnuts,

and a dash of cinnamon. Mix all ingredients well together at this point combing

everything together leaving no flower left unmixed. Pour mix into a loaf pan mold

and fill up a little moor then half ways (Add some coconut sugar on top to crisp

up). Put into oven at 350F˚ for 1 hr. +. After the hour is up poke a hole through

the bread to check if it’s baked through. When finished bring out and let cool for

15-20 min. and in-joy this delicious vegan, gluten free, soy-free, and guilt-free

banana bread.

Health Benefits

Apples are an amazing versatile fruit as they can help aid and prevent much dis-

ease.  For one thing, apples can keep your teeth clean and white as they produce

more saliva and reduce tooth decay by lowering bacteria.  Apples may also be able

to prevent Alzheimer’s and fight aging affects on the brain recent studies show.

Not only do they protect against Alzheimer’s, but against Parkinson’s.  Studies

have shown that people who eat higher amounts of fruit and other high-fiber

soluble foods gain a protection against Parkinson’s.  Apples have also been

researched and proven to prevent many cancers including pancreatic cancer by up

to 23 percent.  Apples also decrease your risk for diabetes, reduce cholesterol,

healthy heart, prevent gallstones, relieve diarrhea and constipation, control

weight, detoxify liver, boost immune system, and avert hemorrhoids.  Eat an apple

a day, to keep the doctor away.

Bananas are extremely good for you and your health for many reasons.  For one,

scientist believe that bananas were the first fruit on Earth.  Bananas are grown in

over 107 countries and are among the most consumed fruits in the world.

Bananas are also good for lowering cardiovascular dis-ease including high blood

pressure, high cholesterol, and asthma.  The nutrients like fiber, potassium,

vitamin B6, and C found in bananas promote a healthy heart.  The daily intake of

fiber for an adult is 4700 mg and less than 2% of US adults meet those daily

intakes.  People are not eating enough fruit throughout the day causing them to

feel hungry.  Studies show that people with higher intakes of potassium have a

49% lower risk of ischemic heart dis-ease.  Bananas can also prevent cancer cells

from forming by destroying the formation of free radicals because of the high

levels of potassium.  Bananas are also good for diabetes, treating diarrhea,

preserving memory, and boosting mood (tryptophan amino acid helps preserve

memory and boost mood.  As you can tell bananas are really good for your health

and should be incorporated into our daily lifestyles.

Everyone knows oats are full of fiber, great for digestion, and lowering high

cholesterol, but oats do more for your health than you may know.  Studies suggest,

oats are great source for reducing cardiovascular disease because of this special

antioxidant found in oats called avenanthramides.  This antioxidant was found to

reduce free radicals from damaging LDL cholesterol levels, thus preventing

cardiovascular disease a study suggest from Tufts University and published in The

Journal of Nutrition.  Oats along with other whole grains have been found to lower

type 2 diabetes.  Also, fibers from whole grains and fruit have been found to

protect against breast cancer.  Oats can also protect against childhood asthma,

cancer, and enhance immune system.  Oats are a great source of phytonutrients for

being a whole grain and not a fruit.  All these reasons are being why oats are a

healthy whole grain.