1.  Buckwheat and gluten free rice flower

2.  3 ripe organic bananas

3.  Almond milk or any non-dairy milk

4.  Baking powder (Aluminum free)

5.  Flax and chia seeds

6.  Organic maple syrup or coconut nectar

7.  Extra virgin coconut oil

8.  Coconut sugar

9.  Pink Himalayan salt

10.  Cinnamon

11.  1 full fat coconut milk can

12.  1 light coconut milk can


Flax egg- 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed, 1 tsp. chia seed, 3 ½ tbsp. water, and mix

together and sit for 5-8 min. Smash three ripe bananas leaving a little texture in the bowl

and add the cinnamon and 1 heaping tbsp. cane sugar (replace w/ sweetener of choice).


High-speed blender, mixing bowl, measuring cups


First, combing all the dry ingredients into a big mixing bowl: 1-cup of buckwheat

flour, ¾ cup of gluten free rice flower (you can replace the rice flower with all

buckwheat flower if rice flower isn’t available), 1 ½ tsp. baking powder, pinch of

pink Himalayan salt, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tbsp. coconut sugar and whisk all

ingredients well together.

Next, add the wet ingredients: 1 ½ cup almond milk, smashed bananas, 1 tbsp.

maple syrup, flax egg, 2 ½ tbsp. coconut oil, and mix well with the dry

ingredients but making sure not to over mix.

Finally, heat an iron skillet or a non-stick pan both work on medium to low heat.

Grab a spoon scooper and scoop a medium sized pancake onto the pan and let

sizzle for approximately 45-1 min. on each side or until each side is able to flip


Coconut Cream

Put the two cans of coconut milk in the fridge over night this will allow for the

full fat coconut milk to thicken and separate the meat from the coconut water.  The

next day, take your cans and for the full fat can flip upside and open they will

allow you to pour out the water into a cup easier (save the water).  Pour and scoop

both cans into a high-speed bender along with the ½ cup of maple syrup, vanilla

bean, and 4 tbsp. of raw cacao powder.  Blend until creamy and smooth.  Finally

pour mix into a bowl and place in the freezer overnight.  Be checking and mixing

the creamy goodness for the first 2 hours every 30 minutes for the best texture.  To

make the chocolate sauce add 1 ½ tbsp. coconut oil, ½ cup maple syrup, 2 ½ tbsp.

cacao powder or carob powder.


Recipe makes 6-7 gluten-free, soy free, nut-free, dairy-free, and GMO free.  Feel free to

double the recipe to make more or change anything to your specifications.  13Love

Health Benefits

Buckwheat can often be misunderstood for wheat the grain, as wheat is

pronounced in the name, but buckwheat is something Else.  A fruit seed to be in

fact that is gluten free and a healthy choice to replace other grains like rice or

oats!  Buckwheat is also a great source for high digestible and high quality protein!  Actually the high protein flour from

buckwheat is being studied for possible uses in foods for treating plasma

cholesterol, body fat, and cholesterol gallstones.  Even the leaves from the tree are

used to make medicine that help with high blood pressure.  Buckwheat may also

help with diabetes having a low glycemic level, and is great for digestion!

Buckwheat is full of soluble and insoluble digestible dietary fiber that is good for

preventing constipation and speeding up bowel movement in the gut.  The grains

from buckwheat are rich in minerals of copper and magnesium that are great boast

of minerals.  Buckwheat grows at a surprisingly fast rate and often is not sprayed

with harsh chemicals making them a healthy choice.  Overall, buckwheat is an

amazing fruit seed that can substitute other grains for the high protein

and fiber content.


Bananas are extremely good for you and your health for many reasons. For one,

scientist believe that bananas were the first fruit on Earth.  Bananas are grown in

over 107 countries and are among the most consumed fruits in the world.

Bananas are also good for lowering cardiovascular dis-ease including high blood

pressure, high cholesterol, and asthma.  The nutrients like fiber, potassium,

vitamin B6, and C found in bananas promote a healthy heart.  The daily intake of

fiber for an adult is 4700 mg and less than 2% of US adults meet those daily

intakes.  People are not eating enough fruit throughout the day causing them to

feel hungry.  Studies show that people with higher intakes of potassium have a

49% lower risk of ischemic heart dis-ease.  Bananas can also prevent cancer cells

from forming by destroying the formation of free radicals because of the high

levels of potassium.  Bananas are also good for diabetes, treating diarrhea,

preserving memory, and boosting mood (tryptophan amino acid helps preserve

memory and boost mood.


Everyone by now should now how good coconut oil is but if you

don’t let me tell you.  Coconut oil is one of the best natural oils to eat and use on

the body for the healthy glowing hair.  Coconut oil is highly affective in reducing

protein loss that leads to unattractive hair qualities.  Coconut oil is also very good

for preventing heart dis-ease (lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol)

because of the healthy saturated fats found in coconut oil unlike vegetable oils.

Saturated fats have been found by studies not be harmful if taking in moderation

and from a good sources like coconut oil.  Coconut oil is recommended for a lot of

different reasons like preventing kidney problems (e.g. kidney stones),

pancreatitis, diabetes, stress relief (rubbing coconut oil on forehead relieves

fatigue), heart dis-ease (healthy saturated fats), healthy bones (calcium,

magnesium), candida (proven and shown to cure candida), dental care (prevent

tooth decay), and cancer.


Coconut milk is one of the many healthier non-dairy milk alternatives there are

in market today.  Coconut milk contains good amounts of fat but they’re the good

kinds of fats mainly called lauric acid.  This lauric acid found in coconut milk is

converted into beneficial compound named monolaurin.  Monolaurin is an

antiviral antibacterial compound that destroys a variety of dis-ease forming

organisms.  Therefore, coconut milk can be used for protecting against infections

and viruses.  Also, the medium-chain saturated fatty acids in coconut milk may

help improve your heart.  These medium-chain saturated fats are actually good for

the body as they help fight bacteria that cause plaque formation, which may later

lead to heart disease.  Most people are afraid of coconuts because of their fat but

did you know you need fat to loose weight?  Recent studies show, that the medium

chain fatty acids increase metabolism and may lead to weight loss.  Coconut milk

is also very good for clear skin and healthy glowing hair.  Coconut oil can be used

as a moisturizer or hair treatment.  Coconut milk may be the healthiest and tastiest

non-dairy milk on the market in my opinion.  Ditch the old way of thinking the

cow’s milk is needed for calcium and healthy bones those are nothing but lies

proven by medical research and studies.  The regular occurring hormones in cow’s

milk is designed to grow a calf to a full-grown cow in 1 year.  These hormones in

the hue-man body create mayhem and this is not counting the hormones injected

into cows to fight infections in the horrible living conditions they’re forced to live

in.  These sentient animals live a lifetime of suffering and what for?  These

substances from an animal, which people so carelessly drink cause inflammation,

mucus, acid, and directly feed cancer-forming cells.  The dairy industry spends

millions of dollars on advertising and propaganda to confuse and brainwash the

masses to consume milk and dairy products.  Diary cows suffer a lifetime of

exploitation, rape, and murder just so you can carelessly consume, get sick, pay

the people that got you sick, and die.  Everyone, including animals have the right

to live free and happy.  Remember everyone has a choice they don’t, Go VEGAN!