Servings: 1 | Prep: 5 min.


Organic orange juice or fresh

Organic grapefruit

Organic frozen strawberries

Fresh mint

Organic medjool dates

Chia seeds

Raw Orange blossom Florida honey

Bee pollen


For this recipe you will need 2 cups of orange juice, 1/2 of a grapefruit juiced, 4 frozen

strawberries, 6 mint leaves, 2 tbsp. raw honey, and ½ tsp. Bee pollen. Add everything to a high-

speed blender like a Vitamix or whatever blender you have should work to make this juice. After

30 seconds of blending everything serve in a big mason jars and in-joy this blast of golden



Oranges are my favorite citrus fruits. They’re full of vitamins and minerals that are made to

keep you young and healthy. Oranges prevent various forms of cancer including liver (studies

point to vitamin A), skin, lung, breast, colon, and stomach. Oranges are rich in vitamin C

protecting cells and preventing free radical formation, and which prevents much dis-ease like

cancer. Being full in water, potassium, and fiber oranges are great for a healthy heart and

lowering cholesterol. Regular intake of orange juice can prevent kidney dis-eases and reduce

kidney stones. Oranges are good for lowering cholesterol because they’re full of soluble fiber

making them easy to digest and lower cholesterol. Oranges are good for your heart because

they’re rich in potassium, which is an essential electrolyte mineral for helping the heart function

and work properly. If you developed an irregular heart rhythm it may be that your potassium

levels are too low which is known as arrhythmia. Oranges are also great for your skin because of

the beta-carotene found in oranges that protect cells from being damaged and free radicals from

forming causing aging. Finally, oranges relieve constipation, alkalize the body (after digested),

and are easy carbs.


Mint is a type of herb belonging to a genus of 15-20 types of plants. People often forget to

incorporate herbs into their lifestyles and that might be a mistake. Mint has one of the highest

capacities for antioxidants of any food. Mint has a antioxidant named rosmarinic acid, which has

been studied for the effectiveness of relieving seasonal allergy symptoms. Mint is also good for

relieving a common cold because of the menthol found in mint, which helps break up phlegm

and mucus. Add some mint to tea for an effective soar throat reliever. Mint has been used for

thousands of years for aiding upset stomachs or indigestion because of the soothing and calming

herb improve the flow of bile in the stomach, which speed up digestion. Mint is also used in

other forms like oils and can be beneficial to the skin and IBS. Overall, mint is a great herb.  


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