Serves: 1-2 | Prep: 1 hr. | To wrap: 5 min.


Organic hummus

Organic spinach and romaine lettuce

Organic wild rice mix

Organic English cucumber (carrot or avocado would work)

Organic brown rice tortillas

Organic lemon



Start by preparing your rice by bringing a pot of a water to a boil and follow the instructions

on your rice package.  (My rice took about 45 minutes that’s why prep time is 1 hour).  After

the rice is finished steaming start assembling your wraps.  Beginning by spreading the hummus

all down the tortilla and placing a handful of spinach and romaine lettuce down the middle.

Next, add the rice and cucumber on either side of the greens.  Finally, start rolling the wrap

tucking in the sides tight and done!  In-joy this delicious veggie hummus wrap.  13Love

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