3-4 ripe organic mangoes

Organic orange juice or fresh orange juice


Sugarcane (optional)

Tools: Blender


Slice or peel 3 large ripe mangoes, slice them up, and put into the

blender. Add 11/2-2 cups of orange juice depending how much you want. Add 1-2

tbsp. of sugarcane and 4-6 drops of chlorophyll. Add some ice if you prefer your

smoothies a little fresher in the summer. Blend to high to make sure the texture is

creamy and smooth all the way. Finished, now pour and in-joy this deliciousness.


Oranges are my favorite citrus fruits. They’re full of vitamins and

minerals that are made to keep you young and healthy. Oranges prevent

various forms of cancer including liver (studies point to vitamin A), skin,

lung, breast, colon, and stomach. Oranges are rich in vitamin C protecting

cells and preventing free radical formation, and which prevents much dis-

ease like cancer. Being full in water, potassium, and fiber oranges are great

for a healthy heart and lowering cholesterol. Oranges are also great for your

skin because of the beta-carotene found in oranges that protect cells from

being damaged and free radicals from forming causing aging. Finally, oranges

relieve constipation, alkalize the body (after digested), and are easy carbs.

Mangoes are an amazing fruit for many reasons. There are over

1,000 varieties of mangoes all throughout Asia, Mexico, and Islands. 1 cup of

mango contains 76% vitamin C, 25% vitamin A, 1% vitamin B6 plus other B

vitamins, 9% probiotic fiber, 9% copper, 7% potassium, and 4% magnesium

that apply in the daily value. All these vitamins and minerals protect your

body from dis-eases and help maintain the body happy and healthy.