Raw organic walnuts, organic coconut shreds, boxes of organic medjool

dates, ripe organic avocados, organic grade A maple syrup, raw cacao powder or carob

powder, extra virgin coconut oil, hemp seed, cinnamon, filtered water.


Food processor or high-speed blender, and a spring form pan or a layering pan.


Soak dates 4-6 hours before or over night.


Use 22 organic medjool dates, 4 cups of walnuts (or mix different nuts if you

prefer), 1-cup organic coconut shreds, 1 tbsp. of hemp seeds, 2 tbsp. of cinnamon, 3 tbsp.

of virgin coconut oil. Blend the nuts, coconut shreds and hemp seed first to make a

flowery texture. Add the dates, cinnamon, and coconut oil and blend together until you

get the ‘flower’ and dates stick well together. Get a spring form pan (works best for

layering) and when you’re pressing down on the mixture it should stick together (use a

fork or cup).  Put in freezer while making the chocolate mousse layer.

crust could be a meal lol

crust could be a meal lol

Chocolate Mousse Layer

Add a 22 of the pre soaked medjool dates (6-8 hours or leave

them overnight) with ½-1 cup of organic maple syrup into the food processor to form a

paste consistency. After add 7 ripe avocados into the food processor but make sure not to

over process the avocados (I smash them before to not over process), next add 1 cup of

cacao powder (less or more depending on your measures), ½ tbsp. spirulina, and add

water as needed to help mix together, after you get creamy mousse texture add 1 tbsp.

coconut oil this will help harden the mousse once it’s placed in the fridge or freezer. Add

this layer on top of the crust.



*Recipe serves 13-20 slices (depending on size)

Oooooh yeeeeeah

Oooooh yeeeeeah

Health Benefits

Walnuts, a nut that come from an ancient tree that are super

healthy rich in antioxidants and healthy fats that can be beneficial to the

heart and prevent dis-eases. Walnuts are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty

acids, which are healthy for the heart and can help with lowering high

cholesterol and blood pressure. Walnuts have been studied and proven to

help prevent heart dis-ease and type 2 diabetes, and along with women and

men breast cancer. Studies have shown how extremely good eating just

handfuls of walnuts a daily can improve health significantly.  Walnuts also

induce better sleep (walnuts contain melatonin), help with weight loss,

improve sperm count, make your skin glow (B-vitamins), and can help you

live longer by preventing other dis-eases.

Everyone by now should now how good coconut oil is but if you

don’t let me tell you. Coconut oil is one of the best natural oils to eat and use

on the body for the healthy glowing hair. Coconut oil is highly affective in

reducing protein loss that leads to unattractive hair qualities. Coconut oil is

also very good for preventing heart di-ease (lowering high blood pressure

and cholesterol) because of the healthy saturated fats found in coconut oil

unlike vegetable oils. Saturated fats have been found by studies not be

harmful if taking in moderation and from a good sources like coconut oil.

Coconut oil is recommended for a lot of different reasons like preventing

kidney problems (e.g. kidney stones), pancreatitis, diabetes, stress relief

(rubbing coconut oil on forehead relieves fatigue), heart dis-ease (healthy

saturated fats), healthy bones (calcium, magnesium), candida (proven and

shown to cure candida), dental care (prevent tooth decay), and HIV and


Avocados are also a super healthy fat that contains many vitamins

and nutrients. Avocados are full of vitamins K, C, E, B5, B6, folates, and

potassium. Avocados actually contain moor potassium than bananas.

Avocados have also shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Avocados are overall a really good source of healthy fats, protein, vitamins

and nutrients on a plant based lifestyle.

This recipe is delicious and is almost like cheating. You can replace every single

animal ingredient in any recipe and make the recipe 13x better in my opinion. This

recipe is raw, as this requires no cooking or baking just little steps for assembling

together. I hope you in-joy and love this recipe. 13Love