5 organic Valencia oranges

4 frozen organic strawberries

2 fresh mint leaves

2 tbsp. raw honey


Cut and juice the oranges (you can use a juicer or a citrus squeezer).  Next add the juice into a blender along with the strawberries, mint leaves, and raw honey.  Blend until frothy, pour, and in-joy!

Health Benefits

Oranges are a citrus fruit and are best known for having lots of vitamin C, but did

you know oranges have moor amazing nutrient properties.  Oranges are rich with

citrus limonoids that have been proven to fight various forms of cancer e.g. skin,

lung, breast, stomach, and colon cancer.  Amazing how a simple citrus fruit can

prevent various cancerous dis-eases from forming.  Regular intake of orange juice

can prevent kidney dis-eases and reduce kidney stones.  Oranges are good for

lowering cholesterol because they’re full of soluble fiber making them easy to

digest and lower cholesterol.  Oranges are good for your heart because they’re rich

in potassium, which is an essential electrolyte mineral for helping the heart

function and work properly.  If you developed an irregular heart rhythm it may be

that your potassium levels are too low which is known as arrhythmia.  Oranges

being full of vitamin C are great for preventing various dis-ease because vitamin

C protect cells by neutralizing free radicals.  Free radicals are known to cause

chronic dis-ease like cancer and heart dis-ease.  Oranges are also good for fighting

infections, relieving constipation (dietary fiber), good vision (carotenoid

compounds turn into vitamin A), regulates blood pressure, protects the skin,

alkalizes the body (after digest alkalizing minerals), and are smart carbs (low

glycemic levels).



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