3-4 sweet potatoes




Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt



Oven, oven trays, oven racks or parchment paper + hands



Preheat oven to 400F˚ or 204C˚. Wash and dry the sweat potatoes.

Next, poke holes into the potato with a fork or knife to accelerate the

baking process. Get your oven trays and racks and place them into the

oven at 400 F˚ or 204C˚ for 1 hour. You will know the potatoes are

done once a knife or fork can easily pierce threw the potato. After,

grab your garbanzos (cooked or canned) and place them into a sauté

pan with 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive. Next, add 2 handfuls of spinach

and add some pink Himalayan salt and let that sizzle for 4-9 minutes

until the spinach becomes sautéed (Add the lemon towards the end).

After that is done and the potatoes are ready you’re ready to plate.

Finally, carefully cut open your potatoes vertically down the middle

and add the garbanzos in the center. I hope you like this recipe and

don’t be afraid to add or change things to your preference.

Health Benefits

Sweet potatoes or yams, is how they call the original root vegetable from

Africa that has many vitamins and nutrients that protect the body against

many illnesses.  For example, studies have shown that different types of

diabetics who eat sweet potatoes show to have less frequent low blood

pressure, low blood sugar, low glycemic levels, lipids, and along with lower

blood glucose because of the high fiber level found in yams.  The fiber is also

good for digestion and preventing constipation.  Sweet potatoes are also

loaded with beta-carotene extremely beneficial for preventing colon cancer

significantly pointing to the beta-carotene found in studies.  The beneficial

nutrient Choline found in sweet potatoes are great for many reasons like

sleep, muscle movement, learning, and memory.  Choline also helps cellular

structure of membranes, aids in nerve impulses, and chronic inflammation

studies found.  Sweet potatoes are also good for even moor reasons they help

the vision, aid fertility, obesity, increase energy, lower weight, vitamin B6,

C, & D, iron, magnesium, good sugars, and carbohydrates they are very

nutritious indeed if prepared the right way.

The best type of olive oil is extra virgin olive oil

because the olive oil is extracted using natural methods and standard for a

certain quality and purity like taste and smell.  Real olive oil is rich in

phenolic antioxidants, which is the reason why olive oil is so beneficial.

Whenever buying make sure to get the extra virgin olive oil to get the real

benefits.  Olive oil is known around the globe for reducing cardiovascular

dis-ease and all around mortality rate found in Mediterranean diets.

 Countless studies have been carried out by various scientist both on animals

and hue-mans testing extra virgin olive oil and the results were that people

consuming moor extra virgin olive oil are less likely to develop

cardiovascular dis-ease, including high blood pressure, stroke, and high

cholesterol.  Regular intake of olive oil also reduces the risk of inflammation

and other blood vessel complications.  Other good facts about olive oil are

they can prevent cancer, depression, protect the liver, stroke, high

cholesterol, and even against Alzheimer’s dis-ease.

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