2 handfuls of organic spinach

1 organic kiwi fruit

1 organic ripe mango

2 ripe organic bananas

4 organic frozen or fresh strawberries

2 medjool dates (pitted)

1 tbsp raw honey

1 tbsp spirulina

16oz Non-dairy milk or water


Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender &

blend until a smooth, creamy texture.  Pour, drink, and in-joy!


Kiwi fruits are underestimated in my opinion

because of their small size, but something to always

remember is not to judge by appearance because what

is on the inside that counts.  Kiwis contain numerous

phytonutrients as well known vitamins and minerals that

promote good health.  In studies, “kiwifruit has

fascinated researchers for its ability to protect DNA in

the nucleus of human cells from oxygen-related

damage”.  Kiwis are also a great source of antioxidants

because of the high level of vitamin C.  Water-soluble

antioxidants are good for the body because they

neutralize free radicals that can cause damage to cells

that can later on lead to complications like inflammation

and cancer.  Kiwifruit can also help protect against

asthma, macular degeneration, and are good for our

cardiovascular health.  Kiwi fruit are high in vitamin C, K,

E, copper, fiber, potassium, manganese, and folate.

Mangoes have been named the most

consumed fruit in the world, and that's why mangoes

may very well be everyone's favorite tropical fruit.  There

are over 1,000 varieties of mangoes all throughout Asia,

Mexico, and Islands.  1 cup of mango contains 76%

vitamin C, 25% vitamin A, 1% vitamin B6 plus other B

vitamins, 9% probiotic fibre, 9% copper, 7% potassium,

and 4% magnesium that apply in the daily value.

Mangoes are known to fight cancer because they're rich

in antioxidants like quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin,

fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat that help protect the

body to prevent colon, breast, leukemia, and prostate

cancer.  Mangoes are also known to alkalize the body

because they're rich mango n tartaric acid, malic acid

and citric acid that help maintain the alkali reserve of

and in the body.  Other health benefits of mangoes are

eye care (rich in vitamin A), aids in digestion (enzymes

that help breakdown protein), heat stroke, aids in

concentration and memory (rich in glutamine acid),

regulates diabetes, aphrodisiac, high iron for women,

reduces kidney stones, and strengthens your immune

system.  As you can tell mangoes are amazingly

nutritious and can help prevent and aid many dis-ease.

We need to remember that consuming moor fruits and

vegetables is optimal for our health and lifestyles.  Studies

suggest, that increasing consumption of plant-based foods

can decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease,

cancer, and overall mortality rate.  Fruits and vegetables

promote a healthy lifestyle and can lead to a healthy

complexion, hair, nails, increased energy, lower weight, and

prevent many dis-ease from occurring.