Organic oranges
Organic Fuji apples
Organic carrots
Organic cucumber
Organic strawberries
Fresh mint
Sweetener of choice



Juicer and blender


Peel the oranges, carrots, and cucumber (I find the skin adds a bitter taste to juices, but needless to say the skins have nutritional value).


Add in 8 oranges, 2 carrots, 2 apples, and 1 cucumber into a juicer and juice.

Next, add the juice into a high-speed blender, along with 8 fresh mint leaves, 8 frozen strawberries, and 3 tbsp. of raw honey.  Top with some ice for a moor refreshing juice.
Finally, get a spoon or a strainer and strain the extra fiber off the top.

Serves: 2-3 glasses depending on the size


Oranges are my favorite citrus fruits.  They’re full of vitamins and minerals that are made to keep you young and healthy.  Oranges prevent various forms of cancer including liver (studies point to vitamin A), skin, lung, breast, colon, and stomach.  Oranges are rich in vitamin C protecting cells and preventing free radical formation, and which prevents much dis-ease like cancer.  Being full in water, potassium, and fiber oranges are great for a healthy heart and lowering cholesterol.  Regular intake of orange juice can prevent kidney dis-eases and reduce kidney stones.  Oranges are good for lowering cholesterol because they’re full of soluble fiber making them easy to digest and lower cholesterol.  Oranges are good for your heart because they’re rich in potassium, which is an essential electrolyte mineral for helping the heart function and work properly.  If you developed an irregular heart rhythm it may be that your potassium levels are too low which is known as arrhythmia. Oranges are also great for your skin because of the beta-carotene found in oranges that protect cells from being damaged and free radicals from forming causing aging.  Finally, oranges relieve constipation, alkalize the body (after digested), and are easy carbs.

Mint is a type of herb belonging to a genus of 15-20 types of plants.  People often forget to incorporate herbs into their lifestyles and that might be a mistake.  Mint has one of the highest capacities for antioxidants of any food.  Mint has an antioxidant named rosmarinic acid, which has been studied for the effectiveness of relieving seasonal allergy symptoms.  Mint is also good for relieving a common cold because of the menthol found in mint, which helps break up phlegm and mucus.  Add some mint to tea for an effective soar throat reliever.  Mint has been used for thousands of years for aiding upset stomachs or indigestion because of the soothing and calming herb improve the flow of bile in the stomach, which speed up digestion.  Mint is also used in other forms like oils and can be beneficial to the skin and IBS.  Overall, mint is a great for digestion and is loaded with antioxidants relieving colds and allergy symptoms.

Apples are an amazing versatile fruit as they can help aid and prevent much dis-ease.  For one thing, apples can keep your teeth clean and white as they produce more saliva and reduce tooth decay by lowering bacteria.  Apples may also be able to prevent Alzheimer’s and fight aging affects on the brain recent studies show. Not only do they protect against Alzheimer’s, but against Parkinson’s. Studies have shown that people who eat higher amounts of fruit and other high-fiber soluble foods gain a protection against Parkinson’s.  Apples have also been researched and proven to prevent many cancers including pancreatic cancer by up to 23 percent.  Apples also decrease your risk for diabetes, reduce cholesterol, healthy heart, prevent gallstones, relieve diarrhea and constipation, control weight, detoxify liver, boost immune system, and avert hemorrhoids. You know that saying eat an apple a day, to keep the doctor away.

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