1. Lentils

2. Carrot

3. Celery

4. Potatoes

5. Pumpkin

6. Brown rice

7. Tomatoes

8. Filtered water

9. Pink Himalayan salt

10. Extra virgin olive oil (optional)

11. Onion

12. Garlic

*All ingredients used are organic but use what you can as long as they are from a good source.


Start by soaking your lentils overnight this will allow for easier digestion and better vitamin absorption. Cut all the vegetables into small circles 1/4th in. except the tomatoes that will be blended later on. Cook the rice before depending on the instructions of your rice.


Start by cutting the 2 carrots, 2 celery sticks, and 1 pumpkin into 1/4th inch circles. Next, cut 2 potatoes into small squares no specific measurements.

After, fill a pot a little more than ¾ the way and bring to a boil. Next, add the lentils, ½ an onion, 2 garlic cloves, salt to taste, following add the carrot & celery 5 min after and add the potatoes and pumpkin 10 min after putting the lentils to boil.

Next, blend 2 large tomatoes and add a splash of water. After, bring a small pot out and fry the tomato juice with ½ tsp. of olive oil. You will know it’s done when the tomato juice starts boiling. As soon as they start to boil transfer into the lentil pot.

Let the lentils and veggies cook for 45-50 min. removing the onion and garlic towards the end.

All finished, I will that you in-joy this recipe passed down from my mother to me to you! This meal really brings back memories of a warm cooked home meal. 13LOVE



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