Organic asparagus

Organic garbanzos

Organic potatoes

Coconut oil


Black pepper

Pink Himalayan salt

Cayenne pepper

Smoked paprika


Peel and cut 6 potatoes into small squares

Wash and cut a bunch of asparagus into equal pieces

Boil garbanzos (or buy canned garbanzos)



Bring out a frying pan or a non stick pan and add 1 tbsp. of coconut oil, ¼ tsp.

garlic, 6 potatoes cut into squares, and add all the seasonings to taste (if you

prefer savory add more black pepper if you prefer spicy foods add more cayenne). 

Give everything a stir and wait 15-20 min. before adding the asparagus.

Next, add in the asparagus and give everything a stir to incorporate the

flavors all together.  After 30 min. total pass check if the potatoes are fully

cooked by taking a spoon and smashing one or cutting one down the middle

making sure it’s not hard.

After, heat up some tortillas (I used organic non-GMO corn tortillas) and

place the garbanzos with a spoon of potatoes and asparagus.  If you don’t

have small tortillas you can use bigger ones and make burritos get creative.

This recipe serves 13-15 tacos depending how much you put in each.

In-joy this recipe for you and yours!  13Love


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