Organic sweet potato

Organic golden potato

Organic spinach

Organic brown rice


Smoked paprika

Cayenne pepper

Sea salt (optional)


Bowls & Oven

Oil free and possibly salt free recipe.


Start by boiling 4 sweet potatoes and 1 golden potato (any regular potato

would work) in a pot for 15-20 minutes and alongside placing 1 ½ cup of rice

to cook/steam as well. Meanwhile chop the spinach in small pieces and get

your bowls. Let your potatoes cool after bringing out of boiling water. Peel and

smash in a large bowl. Add the herbs (w/e you have at hand works as long as

they go together) and 1 cup of rice. Mix together and get a plate with rice to

roll them into balls. Get a spoon and scoop 1 big tbsp. of mix and roll by hand

into ball shape and roll in rice. Place into oven in baking racks lined with

parchment paper at 350˙F for 20 minutes. Let cool for 5 min. and in-joy!


Sweet Potatoes or Yams: Yams, how they call the original sweet potato vegetable

from Africa have many vitamins and nutrients that protect the body against many

illnesses. For example, studies have shown that different types of diabetics who

eat sweet potatoes show to have less frequent low blood pressure, low blood

sugar, low glycemic levels, lipids, and along with lower blood glucose because of

the high fiber level found in fiber. The fiber is also good for digestion and

preventing constipation. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with beta-carotene

extremely beneficial for preventing colon cancer significantly pointing to the

beta-carotene found in studies. The beneficial nutrient Choline found in sweet

potatoes are great for many reasons like sleep, muscle movement, learning, and

memory. Choline also helps cellular structure of membranes, aids in nerve

impulses, and chronic inflammation studies found. Sweet potatoes are also good

for even moor reasons they help the vision, aid fertility, obesity, increase energy,

lower weight, vitamin B6, C, & D, iron, magnesium, good sugars, and

carbohydrates they are very nutritious indeed if prepared the right way.


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