I'll be honest, the one lame thing about the business for years has been our visuals.  Quite frankly, they sucked and I knew we could do way better.  Patience is one of life's best friends.

Through divine timing, we linked up with the Queen Ade Dojah Bey™ from Krown13.com (check out her wood jewelry - pure FIRE - I'm wearing them in the photos), as she just so happens to double as one of the rawest photographers out here.

I also HAD to link up with my brethren from telohvbeys.bigcartel.com for the matching turbans and moorcrownjewelry.bigcartel.com for the matching crown jewels.

We ALSO linked up with zeropointjewelry.com for ANOTHER matching bracelet set for both the White Fuego Sunset tee and the Righteous Only tee.

Go ahead and scroll

P.S. - We have a little collaboration/giveaway soon to be announced with 13soaps.com

I like to say mangoes aren't as sweet without your cuzzos side by side helping you eat.

I'm just saying...

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