Order Delays


Order Delays

First and foremost, 13Love.

I appreciate everyone and anyone that's ever supported our brand.

We have a lot of orders marked unfilled that are months old and even over a year old.

In no way did I ever have the idea or intention to have any of our customers wait that long for an order or never receive anything at all.

Over the past year, personally, I've been thru some hardships and situations I've never faced before.  Financially, physically, mentally, spiritually.  Honestly, I just felt burnt out, but I'm stubborn and think I'm super tough when I really need to be still.

Our 5 year anniversary sale was such a huge success, but I was unprepared for what could happen if everything didn't go according to plan.  The prices were so low I didn't have much room for error and that's exactly the recipe that has set us back momentarily.

I was out of work for a while, so the brand was really my bread and butter for a minute and it was going smoothly without a hiccup until this speed bump popped up.

Then one day I woke up and had a wife and a son living with me to look after and now a year later we're having twins ready to be born any day now.

I apologize for not putting more focus on getting your orders out to each and every one of you, but my attention and focus has had to go to other places and people.

I've been wanting to give you all a truthful explanation since everything transpired, but I just felt so horrible about letting you all down in this way.

I will you innerstand where I'm coming from and continue to be patient as ever.

Needed to let you know what happened without making et seem like a sob story for sympathy.  That's one thing I strongly dislike.

If you'd like a refund, I'd completely innerstand and will gladly oblige, but I might not be able to complete your request right away.  Though, 

Here's the good news...

Things are looking up.  All the hardships are fading away and we'll be getting your orders out to you sooner rather than later Yah willing.  I can't give you an exact date, but I will say...


Clarity Daily®

Forever Out Here™

Truly Moor,

Chief Omar Amaru Bey