Written by Ma’Ran Patrycyus Dada Dey

Eye know yah have modesty/ but yah learn 2 bee a Lil nice & naughty/ Will help 2 uplift ye/ cause da nation can't rise higher seas/ star gazing ets amazing dat we made et dis far/ et es what et es work on self being a better tar/ individuals never ridicule but yah can't take da heat unbearable/ crank up realize only way 2 rise bliss balance/ threw up knowledge misguided just do yah & keep silent/ uniquely bumble humbly Seabee put me 2 da side en private/ but now eye sea yah self destructing/ failing now end we prevailing/ want 2 give bliss joy of loving/ now yah hesitant second guessing/ guess am bugging pest/ still not giving up on yah do mah best/ forgive don't have 2 forget/ let's go & replant & repent/ recent events should want yah to stay covered/ fuk others eye know yah decent/ or moor honest no need 2 promise/ willing aspirations via TMHs en existence/