Written by Amoré Uriyah Bey

40 days n 40 nights.. 
For days n for nights.. 
I step out of th light n search for Th Most Highs Delight.. 
As within so without.. 
Seekin for th light within just to let et out.. 
As time passeth over my light shines with a might.. 
Et shines so bright dat I might just.. 
Make dese demons wail, burning dem to dust.. 
Ets a must dat a concur th lust.. 
From th flesh dat rust, I will faithfully trust.. 
Th one n only, heavenly, Almighty.. 
Who created me from th dust.. of Mother Earth..  
Mother Nature days pass as I lie n green pastures.. 
Never Lookin past her, Ama mama my pastor.. 
Keepen th Sabbath Holy, resc'n physically, thinken spiritually, Give Th ankhs for everything given to me.. 
Growin gracefully, standin firmly.. in style but doin et righteously.. 

Th Most Highs watchin me, I know ets a sight to see.. 
Eaten Vibrantly, allows me to see vividly.. 
Th path that I seek was chosen for me.. 
From th ones up above, who give sign of DAT 13LOVE..