Written by Benyamin Bey

Modeled Images Of Our Creators



Th Original Trinity


Listen Closely, You Shall See


At Pinnacle of Society

Living With Each Other in Camaraderie

Water Bearers with Wisdom From Th


Never Been Sold, But Put Into Tales

Prophets, Messengers. You Got Mail

Ruach Ha Quodesh..................... Inhale

Mighty Mighty MIGHTY Gale,

Oceanic Swells, Billowing Sails

Exhuming Th Nations


Righteousness Prevails

Guided by Amore

L.P.T.F.J. A moors Way. Coast to Coast

And Bey To Bey, Activated From Th

Sun's Reys, Diamonds In Th sky- Exemplified..............Tru

Butterflies, Fluorescent...Through Th Minds Eye- Yah Don't

say? They navigate

There tassels fray, They Magistrates

- Separated..............

But They Gravitate, Back to Our Abba and Our Amma


Who Ark In Heavens


Children Of Yah Hu-




What happened: Preoccupied wit





Dissension Amongst our Ranks..

Forgetting Th One Who We Give Thanks,

Th One with Infinite Grace,

Th One Who Creates.


Our Ancestors Faces




Punishment was instated



Was Our Fate,

Empire Confiscated For Later Date, Spiraling Back To Back Like Eight,

Hell On Earth, Foundation Shaken,

I'll Admit We made mistakes,

Dormancy, Yah Hit Th Brakes

Repentance Is Key, So You See -

In These years of Yulibee,

Th Tru Yahudium Of TLC,

144, Th Prophet See

Awaken To Who We Know We Be


Immortalized In Th Most High Seas