Written by 9Ether Sol Bey13

Breathe in, breathe out. Fill up your vessel with Yah’s spirit.

Spirals the currensea air flows, into your nostrils.

Hydrating the cells, Th Els, within the same moment, toxSins EXspells.

Respiring, Da heavenly Qi, igniting Yuan Qi, manifesting Zhen Qi, activating Yah trinity.

Th Wei Qi & Ying Qi transforming Yah Temple into immortality.

Ancient ankhcestral bloodlines synchronized with Th Most High Elohiym.

13 Buzzing beings emitting lightening, merging into the Milky Way galaxy slipstream.

Light speed is our pace, no matter the space, spiraling up to Th Most High Place.

Give thankhs for mercy & grace !

As long as Th Breath Of Life circulates within your divine template

There is a chance to reach Th Most High golden gate.

Just Breathe... 9.13