Written by 9Ether Sol Bey13

Yah children ! Daughters of Th Earth & Sons of Th Sun, Grow Yah Faith
Sons & Daughters, children of Th Sun, Grow Yah Faith in our Heavenly Father & Mother
Reflect & introspect in how Th Most High guide & protect Yah soul from straying away from Th Most Highs righteous elect.
Grow Yah Faith, for ya souls sake, sow the soles of your feet in the dark matter soil so Yah seed can germinate
Grow Yah Faith, little mustard seed, vegetate & obey the laws of Th Sun Ray
Grow Yah Faith, spiral up straight, update & upgrade Yah DNA, rise up to Heavens Gate
Establish trust in Th Most High Way & ya soul will be charged with mercy & grace
Grow Yah Faith, inner sense your innocence & be free from the wrath of Th Most Highs final adjudicate-sion, before (its) too late
Grow Yah Faith in Th Most High, Yah children, walk live & talk Th Righteous Way
Grow Yah Faith