Written by KMAC El Bey

I rise up, step foot outside

All I see is sunshine

Even the coldest times of th year

I look up at th sky, Th Sun shines

Bare feet, shirt off in th cold

Cause all over my body th sun shines

I always carry heat around me

Cause as within so without, Th Sun is inside

Th sun heals, opens my eye

Keeps me warm, makes me smile

Keeps me humble, keeps me aligned

Make all th ntr roots grow till they touch th sky

The sunshine makes me dance

Th sunshine makes me sang

Th sunshine births life 

After a seasun of rains

Th sunshine heals yah pain

Sunshine makes children want to play

Th sun is never selfish

He shines on daughter Earth everyday

He does et out of love within his heart

He just wants to see all th ntr beings grow

Even though th ones he loves th most hate him

And try to block his rays and keep et cold

But he still keeps on shinin

Since th beginning of time nothing has made him stop

Definition of patience

Waiting for all his suns to rise to th top

And his beautifal daughters too

He placed Th Queen back on th throne

Now they both share th sky together

Th sun still sets but th moon is out all day long

Balance, Divinity, 13Love

Healing Amore Rays

I AM Th Sun of TH Sun

And I shine not for me but for my people everyday.