Written by KMAC El Bey

Unseen tears, cause I cry inside

Knowin that a majority of my brothas gone die

Knowin that a majority of my Queens have fallen

My people abandoned TMHs cause they'd rather be ballin

Or feel like, cause really you ain't got a pot to piss

Young buck, young sis, why go thru this?

Et hurts my heart what I see when I step foot outside

I stand strong but the world can't see I'm cryin inside

I got love for my people just wished you loved yahself like I do

Don't let these lies, illusions, and devils chain you up and bind you

Let these lyrics, let these words untie you

And realize that beautifal soul thats residing up inside you

Brotha, Sista, I really hope that you find you

I wanna walk into the kingdom right beside you

I don't wanna see you hurtin don't want you to feel pain

I don't want everything that you did to be in vain

Don't bow down to these beasts there ain't nothin for you to fear

They fear you that's why they planted lies in yah ear

From kindergarten to the 12th to make you think you need they help

Just Yosef and TMHs you don't need nobody else

They gave you vaccination shots so you don't remember who you are

They say you a worthless human but really you a shining star

But now yo light flickerin cause you dyin

Thats why inside I'm cryin

They give you blood foods cause they know yo blood is powerful

Mixed blood got you thinkin like a beast 

You ain't no cannibal

Nature put everything here that we need

Them animals got souls just like you and me

They put you down Queens cause you the most beautifal creation

Make you wear high-heeled, hoofed shoes to look like Satan

They say you ain't useful if you ain't showin ya body,

Sellin yah body, fuck them they ain't nobody

They lock up all the fathers to leave you all alone

They say a man rule a woman and they know that they wrong

We are reflections man and wombman are equally yoked

Kings and Queens, we both suppose to rule the throne

And if et wasn't for you, there would be no me

How can life continue without our Queens?

You finally get why they attack you so much

The deception is common sense but my people is starstruck

Real love, tough love, we both share the same blood

We come from them same waters, all was birthed out the mud

We all got the same maker, all was made in her image, 

His image, born without naer one blemish

When we was children, we all played wit each other no matter th color

No matter yah gender, matter yah status, matter yah culture

Where did that love go why when we got older we started hatin

Stopped speakin wit our hearts and stared fakin

Open yah eyes we in the times of Revelations

Th trumpets is blowin and the whole world is shakin

I already seen the outcome thats why my heart cries

To know all my loved ones gone reach they demise

These ain't lies, you can tell by th look in my eyes 

My masculine the only reason why I hold et inside

I can't hold your hand, I can't be your guide

Th only thing that I can say is strive

Be alive, take hold the wheel and drive

Grind, if th truth is scattered then go find

See wit yo ears, hear wit yah eyes

Feel wit yo energy and speak thru yah mind

Love yahself, then love again TMHs

Get intune wit yah ancestors and all th divine

Men become Kings like th head of th pride and

Women become Queens like th bee in th hive

2 different scenarios but both got 1 thing in common

They all working together, like they all of one body

We can learn a lot from nature something to recognize

We all in this together, in this circle of life

Stop all this hatin and that's how we'll survive

Rise up th Queens and that's how we gone thrive

Raise our children right and we gone remain divine then maybe

One day I'll shed tears of joy from these eyes