Written by KMAC El Bey

The love within me

There was a time I was lost, but never empty

I loved myself too much to let this world get me

Plus I knew TMH made me and was wit me 

I would fuck up and pray to TMH to forgive me 

I knew my rights and wrongs and that karma would get me

I knew my soul demons did too that's why they'd try to get me 

All alone just by myself the house was always empty

Never fell in love cause I knew them girls was temporary

Never got my heart broke just continued to do me 

Never told my business cause I knew friends be yah worst enemy 

And even worse in yah own household played fool to family

Only had men throwin dirt on my name in the streets

But never cared cause the women always loved my company

They would come and tell me along with all they business too

I just laughed and took them secrets to the grave with me

Every picture that I took with my baby brother

I was looking at the camera and he was looking at me

Back then I didn't pay et no mind 

But the innocent child saw the love within me

He would smile every time that he seen me

Burst in my room, jump on my bed everyday

I would always shew him away 

When all he wanted to do was play 

I had bullets flyin at my face

Bullet holes in the wall where I stand

I turned the corner, barbwire fence, dead end

But there was a hole in the gate, I squeezed thru and I ran

I had to shimmy around the ledge of a building

With a steep drop to the freeway down below

I made et across, slid down the edge, ran up the ramp

One of my homies saw me runnin, picked me up and took me home

Et only took for me to scrap a few times

To where people knew to leave me alone

I took a knife to the arm, took a bottle to the face

Blood gushing down my body, still stood 6 feet strong

I had to sleep alone in an empty house

Ever since age 9

And before then I was house to house

My mom was always working overtime

I seen a lot of crazy things

Been to a lot of crazy places

But every time I'd come around

I brought smiles to people's faces

I read Revelations at that same age

A lot of tears was shed

I prayed to TMH for over an hour

Then Elohyim appeared around my bed

I turned around on my stomach

Lots of buzzing in my ears and tingling down my spine

Then a giant hand came down and started rubbing my back

This time I smiled but once again I cried

I done traveled to many dimensions

Received many visions in my quickening states

I knew the future years in advance

That's why I never was attached and always kept my faith

Had demons put me in sleep paralysis

But I was still able to move around

Some tried to choke me but I called no names

Just threw em off me and roared real loud

One time I tried to call on a "savior"

And I yelled Jesus's name

But the demon just mocked and laughed at me

I never called on that name again

Sometimes I got carried away

When I traveled into astro land

Before I got attacked I would get grabbed up 

And pulled back into my body by giant hands

All the things I done and experienced

I never was afraid, I overstand

I have a powerful soul

But came across as a common man

I came out the womb ready to fulfill my mission

Just looking, no moans or tears shed

Elohyim child born on a new moon

Sabbath day, 4:49 AM

This is the life that I lived

True story of a true starseed

I AM who I AM, I survive and I succeed 

Because of the love within me