Written by KMAC El Bey

Breathin, I'm just breathin

Every step I take, I'm just breathin

Every day I wake, I'm breathin

Every move I make, I'm still breathin

Man et feels so good to be breathin

And not following the way of the heathen

I'm achievin cause I AM believin

Most Highs I know don't just believe in

Take deep breaths in nature every season

Clear sinuses I hardly be sneezin

Healthy to be wealthy I ain't wheezin

Don't sleep at night just be dreamin

Everyday just smilin, cheesin

While these devils steady plottin and schemin

These lawless ones don't have no reason 

Lean on TMHs cause wisdom I be fiendin

Elohyim I'm just tryna please them

And get my sleeping brethren to seek them

Gotta give Satan credit she good at misleadin

But them souls weak and Amma Mama don't need them

They done broke covenant committed high treason

Not wanted by TMHs nor wanted by demons

While we floatin up the populous gone get eatin

You've been deceived while you was steady deceivin

This what people get when they stop thinkin

Who you think responsible for you breathin

Turn yo back on Yahshem say you don't need him

Don't you know he still give orders to demons

Don't you know Satan work by a designed plan

And don't you know TMHs is the architect

Don't you know this life is nothing but a big exam

To see which children is the best of the best

Be Moor, don't settle for less

Be Blissed, don't B-less

Yah ankhcestors inside yah cells so free them

Bring clarity to yahself by just breathin'