Written by KMAC El Bey

Every True Queen has True Beauty

Because she is in the image of her mother

Divine, Omnipresent bringer of life

She's the reason we see beauty with these eyes

Her body curves like the waves of the ocean

Juicy on the inside like mother nature fruits

Her voice is of an Angel's she calms the storm

Every quality about her I can adore

Powerful with a portal linking Earth to Heaven

Thats why I'd protect that queen with my life

Do whatever I can, provide whatever she needs

Just to make sure everything is alright

A King protects his Queen

And vice versa cause we are one

Chess shows her strength very well

Kirito and Asuna

When the Queen falls, the King falls

Then ets checkmate

As long as I got my Queen

I know I'm safe and I'll always be great

So take my hand oh beautifal queen

Ride with me across the seven seas

We both got what we both need 

Cause 13Love is beauty.