Written by KMAC El Bey

During the heat of the day, dawn of the hour

Hottest time of the year, I bask in the sun

Like the cat that I am, I observe the atmosphere

Wisely to my destination while everyone else runs

Ets time to get right, leave the past behind

In these troubling times cause IT has begun 

Words of Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge and Raspect

For the ears to hear coming from Amma's sun

Ets a sad sight for my eyes to see

 All this chaos in the world, corruption and greed

What is et gone take for you to give instead of take

What is the motive for your hate, why you don't wanna be great

Ets time to rid the parasites and bring you haters pain 

Th Most Highs speak thru me but you claim that I'm insane

I used to feel bad now I shows no pity

I used to be nice till niggas thought that they could kick me

A nature being full of ether full of food for thought

That's knowledge bitter to thy mouth till et drop 

To ya stomach, the more you know the more you know nothing

Read between the lines, see the lies and rise above IT

Then you get back to nature experience 13Love

Recognize your soul and realize you've won 

The old you just died divine living just begun

Plant your feet in the ground and you bask in the sun