Written by Ma'Ran Patrycyus Dada Dey

Thirteen, yah punks ain't messing with Th Fe-Inner-G at all/ fall back yah beast/ never witness us because we on beat/ got groovy rhythm getting on up with Th chi/ prana essence resonate within me/ flat screen TVs have yah dense quantity over quality/ qualify thru Th HaMashiach / came to fulfill & eye won't stop/ protrol this temple from bottom 2 top/ turban headpiece coil of serpent ring/ Hashema gold bracelet 13Love embrace Et/ twenty four hours en a dey/ but 4 me everlasting ets th evening/ one eight one three/ dump your remarks like ashes en a ashtray/ 9ether waves feeling lovely not deception potatoe chip lays/ close or far range eye got precise aim/ humble now done chasing th fame/ growing freeform covered with turban so you can't see my mane/ eye own straw name Ma'Ran Dey es my appellation/ TMHs was always with us Unk came correct with connection/ show me eye can be me & this my 13appreciation/ light hearted negative thoughts come out low farted/ simple artist what eye put on paper have yah astounded