Written by O.z.9.Thertyin

Life & Death

Are like a child's first day of school

Or like a child who denies to bathe

Then begs to say

I wanna stay

On this Green submarine


Through the grand scheme while

Many still in a wonderland of

the Modern Plan, a Minor Plan


Tilt Right and you will surpass

Lies and your rebellious ties

Truth Betold

In those who know 

No Man is worthing of governing 


Especially in this patriarchal

Father over all society

Mothers Know

And children..

Pure proof

Of her potent power

And as all returns to the

Biggest Mother

One Breath, One, Breath, of her essence

Turns concrete into trees

Streets, into sand dundes

Skyscrappers no longer tower the heavens

Has they melt, Into more green

More tree

More water


Like her exhale

Shipped into her sail 

The vision becomes clear

Life & Death


Death Then Life