Written by Tranquility Kat

Left and right there are obstacles in the way

from seeing what's in the middle

The middle to the gateway to Hashema

My dear, pay no attention to what is blocking your way

Rather, close your eyes and allow the middle to unravel the way for you

Hashema will not abandon you if you don't abondon Her

For The Most High Hashema knows what you are capable of 

Those obstacles will reveal your strength 

Ye strength that Hashema created in yah all along 

My dear, do not forget who you are 

Hashema placed you in this path for you to find your way back to the middle 

With love, diligence, patience, and trust in your self

Th Most Highs trust in you

Do not ever doubt your capabilities

Shun the evil thoughts and burn them

Th Most Highs will never doubt you

When ye begin to look passed the obstacles

You will see that et was you all along that created the obstacles

Th Most Highs been patiently waiting for you to look past them

Listen to the middle, yah heart is where Hashema lives 

She will never lead you stray

Her path will lead you to righteousness

To everlasting life 

Close your eyes and allow the middle to unravel the way for you

And reveal the Amoor ye are