Written by Famos Amos Bey

What is Pain?

Can we find the beauty in things even when it rains?

Though our senses are triggered and may cause discomfort

Could it be that you're a seed and will soon go through a growth spurt


What a beautiful pain when you accept the real and detox the lame

When you love someone and perhaps they don't feel the same

Could we ever learn to love without hate

Indeed a calibration we will all appreciate


Beauty as the rose, Pain as the thorns

Self defense mechanisms to protect us from harm

Test every spirit, to know what's true

The real question... is the sky really blue?


Pain is love for isn't that what is felt at times with tough love

I guess it depends on how we define love

Love in et's truest sense doesn't harm

Only seeks to do right and shine et's light to keep us warm


Life is duality some say

Pain and Joy, can't have it no other way

The poor should experience richness and the rich poorness

What a beauty in balance, Ma'at is Queen Justice


Bees pollinate and gives us plant based in Full

But mess with et, and her sting could bee painful

Some see the beauty of the butterfly, flapping et's wings as et flies with elegance

While many fail to ponder of the painful process that occurred in cocoon, in darkness, in stillness


I see pain in caterpillar and beauty in butterfly

I see 9.13 but too many afraid to die

I see life and death as a normal process of existence

I see Aleph and Tavv is the only thing that's constant


They say beauty is pain; again it depends on perception

Some might think high heels, tight clothes is the main attraction

Retract, faithfully detach from illusions and step into nature for some true action

Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder, daily dosage of honey will get you closer


Pain is Beautiful only upon the success from faith to action or seed to fruit

Gold, Silver, and Precious metals takes hard work to get to the source root

Coal once perfected turns to that crystalized diamond

Anything worth having is worth waiting for in due timin'


Pain in suffering helps cultivate the beauty in being free

From servitude many long years to being free of bondage, true independence (end the pen dance) is beauty.


Sun rises and sets are warm to the eyes

Midway sun can scorch with temps so high

Water is great in moderation but too much can cause floods, death, and even start a migration.


Working a 9-5 and/or grindin' for your passion

Realizing this what it takes, can't have faith without the action

Going to the park to get closer to nature

While seeing trash on the grass oh how it hurts yah


Best rest comes after a long day's work

Best fruit after years In the dirt

Best rain is when et thunders and lightning strikes

Best pain is when humbled before destruction in sight


When you go natural and start to BEE

Old friends, fam, etc will test you to see 

Like the cat, less talk more walk

Like the tree, stay rooted in Th Ark (dark)


Yes, your "family" annoys the heck out of you

But you wouldn't be here without them boo

Bee an example so that they can learn from you

You would have also learned from them what not to do


A virgin's first, pain is present

In due time, pain is gone and feelin' is heaven

Our climax feels very near

Awaiting for Th Uniting of Th Bride and Bridge groom my dear


Can pain make you smile

Ask a mother who has given birth to her child

The emotional, physical, and spiritual labor

Thankful for my momma, for she is my treasure


The journey at times will bring pain as we long for TMHs haven, TMHs domain

Yet keep in mind a juicy mango is cultivated by fire, earth, air and rain 


We are seeds weathering the storms and seasons along a long journey back home

Learning how to rise and fall and say our Oms

We ask TMHs to keep us right

Please keep our hearts pure and keep us light.


Friends, family, associates, lovers leave your side

TMHs are here and will always guide

Be Th Ankh Ful for Th Beautiful Pain

Because that's a way of life teaching us like a tree to grow daily and never be the same




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