Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

Thoughts begin to race past my mind,

Why does life have to be a constant mine?

Situations exploding around me; Making me whine,

But NO I will not complain,

Because everything is written in plain,

To Bee able to know how to smile,

One must have been a constant visitor to both,

Both happiness and pain.

In pain we mustn’t dwell,

Because if you do, you will drain,

Drain the Innergy inside of you that propels you forward,

Never Backward,

Once you look back,

You will turn into salt,

You become so bitter of the old and recent past,

Then the pain holds you closer breathing life to the demons around you,

Soon they clutch onto you,

You were wide open to devour,

I mean you’re inside power.


But if you drain all the sorrows,

Put hope in the night for tomorrow,

Happiness soon grabs a hold of you and WiLL not let go,

Soon humility follows,

Teaching you from the past that almost drowned you,

Now you swim in the BeeUtiFuL creation,

Defeating the past that almost masked you.


Oh, this reminds me of myself,

When I Almost lost the love that brewed within me,

Just by losing sight of Them, The Most Highs,

And listening to “IT’s” whisper,

This time I tell them to disperse, Leave,

Before the light within me destroys IT,

Because I Am back!

Back to the place where I began to SEE,

So trust me,

Or better yet, Trust The Most Highs,

Whose constant watch keeps me in faith that good exists,

Exists in ALL of Us,

So Hold on to that My SeaStar and SeasSun,


We have to make et Through,

We are Strong,

We are 13!