Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

Do you hear the messages,

Coming in loud and clear,

Ancestors have spent this journey,

Grooming you,

Teaching as well as guiding you,

Just like a captain steers a ship.

We are soon going into the deep,

Do not waver,

But become the wave,

Flowing through this currency,

Because in the end you will bee safe,

Wrapped in the bossom of her love.

The Elders that came before us,

Continue to Raspect Them and give Them Love,

Through the love of Yahself,

Then later for others to,

Love, Giving and Kindness,

We LEarn what they were trying to teach us,

Which soon brings Blissings to ALL of us,

Giving Us joy and happiness in our hearts,

We become what They wanted for us,

The Chosen ones,

Serving others with that 13Love,

AL Ways uplifting and encouraging those around,

This is a true sign of Amma and Hashems presence,

Their 13love! 9.13