Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

At times I hear the trees breathing,

Whoosh shoosh,

A sleeping Mama,

The surface of the earth,

BeeUtiful as ever,

Arise, lets go to the 13’s and the 9’s,

Bee with The Most Highs,

Away from all the vultures and the mimes,

Just pure light beings,

Flying around with our wings,

Doing our buzziness and helping all around,

Helping to farm a fertile land,

Swimming on the ocean and sitting on the sand,

Truly Amma’s love has always been in our hearts,

Guiding each of us on our paths,

This journey has powerful tasks,

To keep as streamlined,

No temptations or huddles over come us!

Keep going and bee strong!

For The Most Highs reward is Divine and Eternal,

13Love Community Hive,

On the isles,

You know the true islands,

So lets walk together in 13Love,

Stop thinking that they are in the skies,

Because They are in and around us,

Bee Righteous.