Written by Tranquility Kat

The tree and I connecting 

The veins in constant flow of blood 

From head to toe

Syncing in the tree's motion from leaves to root

Twin flame spiraling up 

Freeing my dome to become anu

The brain and heart 

No longer bicker

They work together 

To get to Her

The Yin and Yang

The balance to see truth and stray from wrong 

Up to the spiraling 9 

Preparing for the 360 turn 

Th Most Highs got me 

Never to fear no body

Only Th Ones who created life and destroy the existence

Of my beeing

That is The Most Highs indeed

To free-dome comes fear of TMHs

To get right and get to the state of a child

Th Most Highs approve 

Th Tree and I connecting

Becoming one as we came since

The beginning of time 


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