Written by SunChild Olivia 13 Bey

I sit under the night sky,

The stars patiently listen to my every word as I confess my sins,

I Am sorry for what I did Mama…


I Am sorry Most Highs,

For leaving You,

I had foolishly forgotten,

Without You there wouldn’t Bee ME,

I had forgotten to give praise and ThAnks for ALL the constant good deeds.


The trees cheer in joy waving their and dancing under the moonlight,

The Wind Kisses my cheeks and I Tell Her:

I have Life Mama,

That which You have given to me to continU and to Fulfill Mah WiLL,

I Am free in Mah Mind; that even when the chains of the world try to hold me down,

I can still go within and find YoU,

I Am ThAnkFuL,

I Am Happy,

For without the teachings of everyday, where would I Bee?

What would I Bee doing?


I Am You and YoU are Me,

We Are a Team put together and become a Community,

Now I See,

The Sea of People that Raflect who YoU are each Dey,

RahMinding Me of YoUr constant 13Love that cradles Me in Natures Love.


We ALL can Bee close to The Most Highs,

They are inside of Our Hearts,

Around Us through Nature,

And in Others,

Bee YoUr Brother’s Keeper,

For with that YoU WiLL Bee doing The Most Highs Mission and deeds.