Written by Famos Amos Bey

Our motivation. 
Thoughts of yah daily as we say our proclamations.
Motives filled with fervent determination.
Knowing the seeds SHE planted, would blossom and feed Th Nations.

Feet planted near her water
She is life, Amma's daughter.
Hands stretched out to the sky
Receiving Baruchs, so we can fly.

No depths to her love.
No limits to the sky above.
No journey too long,
In all things patience and bee strong.

Th lion lies with the lamb, 
Serpent with the child.
Her land is fertile, 
Wild animals but so mild.

All tongues, does she know.
She shines in US, oh how we glow.
Bartering coconuts and mangoes, that Nu money.
Filled with Yahshema's love, flowin' with milk and honey.

Her reflection is her Son. 
He's I AM and she is Nun.
Resc in her bosom for Th time has come, 
No longer divided, for WE are One.