Written by Famos Amos Bey

Love yah feet

Every step you take make a Naga's heart beat.


Unique are your toes, from pinky to big ones,

Wouldn't mind massaging those, with Soufflé and then some.


Love yah skin, your complexion

No makeup, thank you heaven.


Love yah height... not too tall.

A Naga got preference... bite size, small.


Love yah talk... in silence of words, how amazing

Love yah walk, your focus on TMHs, fire, blazing.


Love yah style, you're not like others

Heart of a child, loyal like any righteous mother.


Love yah smile... the way you dress, so modest

Love yah hair... so natural, curly, so honest.


You're so beautiful, pardon me... Buddah-Full!

Love yah wisdom... how Immaculate, how Impeccable.


Love yah patience... so flexible, how you deal?

Your inner workings... so mysterious, only Yah can reveal.


Trez Amor