Written by Famos Amos Bey

Ruled by Sun, Moon and Planets
Discipline, Self-Control and we can Overstand Et
From Sunny-Deys to many Sabbaths
Oh how life is built on our many habits. 

Journey is back to To-Dah.. To-Dey.. To-Rah
Everything in Torah leads straight back to YAH
Amma tests all kidneys and hearts
Many are broken and she seeks to mend all parts.

Her Moon-Dey to rule your Waters
Control your emotions, get right to help her daughters.

Her Tues-Dey rules over Wars
Stop being dirty and become Tru Moors.

Her Wednes-Dey rules Th mind (communication)
Sure... It's "Hump Day" but what about Th Vine (Divine)

Her Thurs-Dey rules expansion
You Kepha (Peter) Th Rock or chasin' illusions like mansions.

Her Fri-Dey rules love
Desires, passion, that carnal love
But Indeed it is High time, for Yah's children to focus on 13Love.

Her Satur-Dey rules discipline
Neglectin' her is Always Sin
No wonder why 85% chasin' many men.

Her Sun-Dey All is revealed
As she shines her light on your wishes or WILLS.
All secrets come to light as her Sun shines bright.
Palils, Shawls, Hymns, Honey to keep your Armor on tight.

Clarity Daily in All your Deys
Under TMHs laws we must Ri-Obey.
Aleph Tav, Th End is Our Beginning.
Focus on Th Sun and we'll reach them islands Yah willing.