Written by O.z.9.Thertyin

I am on a Alkhemaic Journey
Across the sphere that is a part of we
Unique to all
Celestial beings
And Bodies  
Of stars
Meet some where

Although far, I wander still
To meet my companions beyond
In a hidden location; I send reflections of my journey here
Pass 3rd Density, 
Thur these

Beats and vains
Give all sorts of pains
Speakin to lonesome air
Where was I?
To have seen mares of this hell I claim is exciting?!
People move here and become
In all ways but still exist
I loved em all
Wanted to know em all
Till they kept me stalled in rooms unbaring
So mean and scary
Alluring, Truly
My mind became invaded
By this 3rd density love

Linked to all worlds I splurged in regions most did not go near
Lingering in-side of her but only enough to return with aches
Octopus,Succubus, Ridiculous
How this Shit got me..
Thinking, Of all the choices I done made
I Realize that I need some-thing more
Some-thing better
Than 3rd Density Love

Links to the outside
Sending messages inside
Willing for a upside
Within this downsliding split
A bridge to climb the hill towards
My true status

From a journey to jail
To a far off place in nowhere
I transmute this hellenistic Memory
Into a universal wealth
To see what was;
3rd Density
Has always been;
13 Destiny